2021 Horoscope
Druka Panchang Ganita, Panchanga Siddhanta, Panchang Author: Pundit Mahesh Shastriji, Seattle, WA USA
Inspiration: Late Pundit Maganlal Devshanker Shastriji
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Pundit Mahesh Shastri
Astrological Predictions for the Year 2021

Note :

  • These horoscopes provided here are general purpose only, to get accurate predictions, please combine with your birth chart, moonsign, lagna, mahadasa and other details
  • Best to use with your moon sign from your horoscope. In most places in India a child is named from their birth rashi or nakshatra. If you don’t know your birth rashi then visit http://www.mypanchang.com/astrology/vedic.php and then enter your name, birth date, birth time and place of birth. Leave other information as it is, then it will give you your birth rasi. If your birth time is after 12 noon, then add 12 to your birth time, for example if you are born at 1PM enter birth time as 13:00, for 4:30 PM enter 16:30

ARIES / Mesha (March 21 to April 20)

This year you’ll have Health issues, fever, headache. Control your anger, you may have unnecessary rifts with your spouse and business partner, be careful in land deals, mother’s health can bring some worries. After 21st february your expenses will increase, try to control your desire to eat out, and spend money unnecessarily. You need to be watchful of what you speak, your words might be harsh, this could lead to problems in domestic life. You’ll feel your desires are unfulfilled, and unhappy, avoid wandering about and avoid arguments with seniors at work. However, you need to be careful throughout the year as shani is transiting from your 10th house, your boss may give you a hard time, and honor could be at stake. There will be some relief between April 13th till June 1st if you remain dynamic and energetic and proactive at work. From june 1st till July 20th avoid eating and drinking alcoholic beverages, hot, spicy and fried food that can cause trouble to your stomach. Avoid doing any land deals during this time. July 20th to September 5th avoid doing any speculative business, activities like stock market, or lottery. You’ll have trouble/differences of opinion with your children, if you have any medical issue, surgery might be required during this time. However during this time you’ll see some gain/help from unknown people or from middle of nowhere. September 5th till October 21st you’ll have some gain over your enemies, there will be some financial gain, but don’t get carried away too much. Right after October 21st you’ll have some disagreements with coworkers, partners, and a spouse. If you are travelling be careful about your luggage and vehicle accidents. You’ll be more watchful after December 4th about vehicle accidents, increased expenditure and blood related problems. Overall you need to be careful about your health this year. You may meditate/worship Lord Hanuman, Rudra, Kartikeya (Subramanya) and/or Narasimha.

TAURUS/Vrishabha (April 21 to May 20):

Year begins with higher expenditure, health issues, sometimes dishonor and humiliation, but Jupiter will be rescuing you. If you are a writer, you’ll make good gains, but be watchful about hidden enemies, and very sweet friends. Control your anger, try to avoid heated arguments with family members. Your words will not be taken lightly. However, you’ll have higher expenditure but Jupiter will give you good gains. After April 13th, you’ll have to balance really well. You’ll see financial gains, increased confidence, but at the same time trouble from remote places, from higher ups. Make sure to take advice from your mentors and follow it. You’ll likely spend money on auspicious occasions, long distance travels. If you are planning to change jobs then hold off till September of this month. You’ll be worried about mother’s health in June//July, hold off any property dealings till July 20th. If you are appearing for any higher education or competitive exams you’ll need to prepare well. From September 5th onwards, there will be differences with children but Jupiter will be your savior, still avoid speculation or desire to make quick money. Things will improve after october 21st in terms of finances, promotion, but then again from december 4th till year end, you need to hold your anger, else you may have heated discussions with partners, spouse, and family members.

GEMINI / Mithuna (May 21 to June 20):

Rahu in 12th house will give you mental worries, so please don’t invite additional worries by poking your nose into matters not related to you. Shani in 8th house causing 2.5 years ‘panoti’ or the bad time can cause health related issues, However you’ll ride on some gain during beginning of year, make new friends, you may get new loans etc, After February 21st you may have higher expenditure, hospital visits or foreign travels that could lead to some losses or with some medical issues. Be careful not to travel till April 13th if possible. After that you need to control your emotions and resist making quick decisions, migraine could be painful, if possible try to avoid arguing with your mother, and if you are a student and appearing for an exam think twice before answering questions. After June 1st your words will hurt your family, so if possible try communicating with a cool head, Your expenditure will again rise, Your cash flow will hurt a bit. After July 20 till September 5th you’ll get success, but you’ll need to work hard, put in overtime and you’ll succeed. Till october 21st you’ll need to resist your temptation to make property deals, drive carefully, you may develop chest burns, mother’s health will need checkup. After October 21st you’ll have some issues with relations with your child, and avoid any speculative contracts, deals, or business. After December 4th you’ll rock, your hardwork will be recognized, but rahu will still create mental agony, pressure etc. Worshipping lord shiva, durga will help, also removing your ego/arrogance will help a lot.

CANCER / Karka (June 21 to July 22):

Rahu in 11th house will give you new friends, success with hard work, but please don’t fill arrogance in your head, Saturn transition will give you problems, struggles with your child, and if you are in dealing with stocks, resist temptation for quick money, as saturn wants you to have some patiences, don’t do quick decisions. You’ll get promotions, Your boss will be very happy with you at work and will have a good repo with your colleagues. After April 13th you may face some humiliation or dishonor if you didn’t pay attention to your documents, emails, communications before april 13th. You’ll have some blood related issues, hospital visits, high expenditure. You will feel like in the middle of nowhere, your hidden enemies will see this as an opportunity to hurt you but rahu will still save you. Things will improve after September 5th, where you’ll shine again if your communication is very very good. You may have to travel for some work. After October 21st your stomach problems will give you worries, doctor’s visits, frequent heartburns. If you are trying to deal in property you can have some gain. After december 4th some gain in stocks but don’t do speculations, you’ll hear good news with your child, but you need to make sure their health is well and don’t push to do more work. Your rashi lord is chandra, worship of bhagwati -- mata rani will be beneficial to you.

LEO / Simha (July 23 to August 22):

Rahu in 10th is good for work, career, success but with some additional worries, and expenditure. It may bring some sleep disorders, Saturn is favoring you too with respect to your job and career, but if you are a business owner it will bring some worries and troubles related to your employees. Mars till february 21st will give you some trouble with your father or his health may give you worries, if you are doing post graduation, higher studies this is the time you need to pay attention. Some legal troubles, if you are travelling it could be painful travel. Things will improve after february 21st, you’ll have a good time for job, career, good time for change of your job. This is a very good time. If you are looking to get married there is a great chance you’ll find it sooner before september 14th. After june 1st your hospital visits may increase, or you may take some trip to a remote place for meditation. Your health problems will increase, headaches, migraine etc. try to avoid any heated discussions with your spouse or co-workers, partners. After Sept 5th your expenditure will definitely increase. After October 21st again you’ll ride on success waves, very good time. December will bring property related issues and issues related to mother’s health. Don’t party too much otherwise stomach issues will cause more grief.

VIRGO/Kanya (August 23 to September 22):

If you are planning for a foreign visit, this is the right time, Good for higher education, following your spiritual dreams, but will have bad time for parents, gain from government or legal bodies. Year will begin with some chance of accidents, cuts, wounds, etc, some blood related diseases, drive carefully, you’ll have mental worries, lots of mental tensions. However, Jupiter will save you at the last moment, things will improve after april 13th where you’ll shine, your worries will be gone, you’ll outsmart your enemies, you’ll triumph at work, promotion, recognition and command respect from everyone. You’ll be free from worries. You need to take proper rest and not eat any spicy oily fried food, otherwise after July 20th you’ll have doctor’s visits, stomach related issues, some humiliation at work, hence when you have success good time, make sure you don’t mess up, don’t take things too lightly with respect to work, with troubles during the later part of the year, jupiter will be your savior till september 14th, somehow you’ll get help from someone at the 11th hours, After september 14th migraine, spat with family members/spouse. Just be careful not to use harsh words. Things will get better after December 4th. Overall this year you will have child worries, their studies and with your long-term investments, your low capital mutual funds/companies will do well.

LIBRA / Tula (September 23 to October 22):

Rahu transiting over your 8th house, this is the good time for any sudden gain, but bad for health and court matters, don’t drag yourself into unnecessary court matters if it doesn’t involve you. Watch out from your latent enemies. Don’t fight or enter into verbal spat with your spouse, partners, or colleagues. If you act like a rambo and don’t take care of your health things will be bad after February 21st. Resist your temptation to travel, eating out, and if you are drinking and smoking it will have a very bad negative impact on your health. You may have some legal trouble and some travel after april 13th, this isn't a good time for your parents, so try to resist the temptation to travel. Jupiter will protect you from negative effects during this time. You’ll have success after June 1st, all success, money, reputation, promotion, awards, rewards will be on table for you. What’s more, many planets are going to help you. The word of caution comes after September 5th, your health trouble will increase and if you do any long distance travel after september 5th it may lead to some unpleasant experiences, hospital visits etc. Higher increased expenditure, loans, and debt will increase. Worshipping of Goddess Mahalakshmi will help you sail through troubles, one more thing if you are a student, don’t take things lightly with respect to studies.

SCORPIO/Vrischika (October 23 to November 22):

You need to watchout for disagreements with your spouse, coworkers, and partners. Try to avoid ego and arrogance then you’ll sail through. Think before you speak. Your travel to foreign countries or distant lands could bring some losses or unpleasant experiences. Saturn is there to help but the help will be slow, sometimes you’ll feel no one is helping you, no one is around you. The year will start with gaining respect in society, winning over enemies and success at work. But you need to watchout for your anger more after february 21st, make sure it won’t hurt you, treat everyone with respect the way you would like to be treated. Words can be sharper than anything in the world, so watch your words before saying a thing. Drive carefully after april 13th, watch out if you are dealing with cooking, driving. If you have blood related health problems they will be aggravated. After june 1st, in competitive exams you need to study hard, don’t take things for granted. Pay your taxes in time, and make sure there is no mistake, an audit alarm could be triggered. Things will get better after september 5th till October 21st, you’ll have all the success and support you need to be successful, honor, success, promotion everything. After October 21st to year end watch out for health, so workout now, eat well, do meditation.

SAGITTARIUS / Dhanus (November 23 to December 22):

You’ll have financial gains this year, and health benefits, there may be some hiccups but nothing that you can deal with, you will triumph over your enemies, over all good periods. If you are planning to adopt a child from foregin country you’ll hear good news and legal formalities can be completed with an ease. These all things can be slow as you are running the last part of the saturn’s 7.5 years sadesati. However, from beginning of the year till february 21st you’ll have child related worries, along with investments in stock market, if you are planning to invest for IRA try do it after february 21st, and that will also ease your other worries, win and concur everything till april 13th, but after that watch out for spat with your spouse, partners, colleagues. Your travels can be painful. Your health will require more attention after June 1st, avoid any speculative activities, eating fried, spicy food. Watch out for your father’s health, watch out your own physical ailments and there will be worries, but remember your planets on your side, shake off your worries, and do more meditation, After September 5th you’ll ride waves of success, honor, promotion, etc. The year end after december 4th will bring some hidden enemies into the limelight and they can succeed if you aren’t watchful.

CAPRICORN / Makara (December 22 to January 19):

This year will be good for income and trade, but not a good year for children and love. You need to learn to balance between income, trade and family life. You are running into the 2nd part of 7.5 years of sadesati this will bring worries, mental pressure from coworkers or boss. You need to pay special attention to your work, career, if you take things lightly then this could be troublesome for your job. However, Jupiter will help between april to middle of september, but that can be at the last moment, you’ll still go through troubles, only hard work can make you shine. Avoid arguments with your mother till february 21st, also you can make some quick money in property dealings if your planets at the time of birth favors you. Avoid eating some outside/street food, this can upset your stomach or blood related problems. After April 13th make sure you don’t speculate, avoid speculative stock exchange deals, Your expenses will be high. After July 20th, you’ll shine with your communication skills, so you need to work on polishing them from the beginning of the year, if you are a writer, you may get some award. You’ll get courage and confidence, You’ll succeed in new endeavours. You will win over your enemies, You will get a promotion in your job. After september 5th, your family troubles will increase, control your anger. And watch out for your health, eat well. From october 21st till year end will be yours if your planets at the time of birth support you and you are ready to work hard.

AQUARIUS / Kumbha (January 20 to February 18):

You are into the first phase of sade sati. If you are lazy this is miserable period for you, you’ll be into depression, lose job, but if you work hard, paying more attention to quality of work and all facets of the work you’ll succeed otherwise this period can also bring immigration related problems, if you have filed your h1-b or green card papers this can be delayed with some queries. Worship lord hanumana and shani dev for remedy. Rahu transiting over 4th house doesn’t give good news for land/property and mother’s health along with problems at job, and importantly for graduate studies. You’ll have some relaxed time from the beginning of the year till february 21st, another good period will be from July 20th till September 5th. After that your work pressure, and other things will lead to disputes with your spouse, business clients, manager etc. The ray of hope is from December till the end of year. You need to worship lord hanumana for remedy.

PISCES / Mina (February 19 to March 20):

Highly favorable period, good relations with spouse, gain from spouse, and from international foreign business, friends and relatives. You’ll have a good job satisfaction. You’ll get promotion, recognition and possible addition to family. Jupiter will help you from the beginning of the year till april 13th and then from September till november. When you ride on waves of success, remember they are waves, they rise and fall, likewise you need to work hard and make sure you don’t become lazy, this will help you in the long run, Your year will start with some higher expenditure, family spats, but then after april 13th till june 1st you’ll have your way, peace and prosperity, but then again till september 5th you’ll need to pay attention to your land and property dealing, mother;’s health, if you are a student then study well, don’t take things lightly, July 20th to September 5th you’ll have success, promotion and everything the way you want, then till december 4th you need to take your steps carefully to avoid losses. Drive carefully. But December will be good again.


yaj jagrato duram udaiti daivam tad u suptasya tatHaivaiti|
duramgamam jyotisam jyotir ekam tan me manaH shivasankalpam astu||
||shri shukla yajurveda vajasaneyi samhita (madhyandina sakha) 34.1||

The divine essence that goes far away, from the waking, and likewise from the sleeping, and that one far-traveling Light of lights, on that-the auspicious will of the divine-may my mind dwell.

.. sarve janA sukhino santu ..
kriShNa! kriShNa!! kriShNa!!!

I bow down to the supreme personality of godhead Lord kriShNa who makes incomplete complete.
Pundit Mahesh Shastri
Seattle, WA, USA
mypanchang at live dot com


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